All Singing All Dancing All Saints


This is Daniel and Conor Gee in action.  Their dance routine impressed the judges the most at our second 2010 show.

All Saints Theatre Limited teams up from time to time with All Saints Church Hatcham Park and All Saints Hatcham Community Centre to present "All Singing All Dancing All Saints".

"All Singing All Dancing All Saints" is essentially a karaoke evening for under-18s.  The children are given the stage, and can perform a song, a dance, or some other performance piece of their choice.  Family, friends, and members of the community make up the audience and cheer them on.

The organisers provide a newly refurbished venue, a catering team serving food and non-alcoholic drinks, and mentors and judges to help the children rehearse and to award first, second and third prizes where there is a prize fund.

Our next event is pencilled in for Friday 25th October 2013 starting at 6.30pm.  All Saints Community Centre obtained funding for Daniel Gee to teach local children street dance throughout the year.  Daniel is expected to graduate to be among the mentors and judges for our autumn event.