Productions at All Saints Theatre

We are interested in considering proposals for the commissioning of new compositions, and the production of existing works of musical drama, which highlight conflict at a local and interpersonal level fuelled by larger group identities.

As examples of well-known existing works which we consider meet these criteria, we would cite “West Side Story”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, and “The Sound of Music”.

Our aspiration is to entertain, and to educate our audiences on the conflicts of yesterday, today and tomorrow, as they impact ordinary people, with material that has the musical and dramatic qualities of these classic works.

We currently have three works of our own under copyright.  The first of these was produced in Clerkenwell in March 2005.  We are looking for collaborators to help realise the other two. Please click on the files below for synopses of these works.

For an example of one of the songs from Buy St Agnes' Fountain on YouTube click here.

For a recording of one of the songs from God for Harry, England and Saint Joan! click here.